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AQUARIUS: Simulation of integrated power and water resource system operation. Optimisation of stored water values and system operating policies.

EPSIM: Formulation, evaluation, comparison and optimisation of alternative power system expansion plans.

Power & Water Systems Consultants Ltd (PWSC)

was formed in 1983 to provide consultancy services relating to the optimal operation and development of power and water resource systems.

Rising demands and threats of greater flow variability as a result of global warming, are heightening world-wide appreciation of water as a valuable and limited resource. Economic, environmental, political and regulatory pressures increasingly require that water resource systems are operated as efficiently and equitably as possible, and hence encourage the adoption of advanced analytical techniques to simulate and optimise their operation and development.

PWSC offers a range of generalised computer software that enables users to apply proven and robust mathematical programming techniques within a ‘user friendly’ environment, while providing exceptional transparency of modelling results. Experience in analysing the operation of complex systems throughout the world indicates the potential for making substantial improvements in both long and short-term operational efficiencies, whether quantified as cost savings or improved supply reliability. Key features of our simulation software include the ability to compare the results of applying conventional operating rules with more advanced system policies based on optimised stored water values, and detailed modelling of demand management measures.

Applications for our AQUARIUS software and related services include:

Vyrnwy Reservoir Draw Off Tower Our executable software is available under perpetual or time limited licences and, subject to agreed terms, prices can be negotiated as a function of demonstrated potential cost savings when applied to specific systems.

PWSC is active in the United Kingdom and overseas, and has particular experience in Asia, Africa and Latin America. It is independent of any contracting and manufacturing interests:

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