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Outline Description of Computer Program 'EPSIM'


Formulation, evaluation, comparison and optimisation of alternative power system expansion plans. top

Programming Language(s)

Graphical User Interface (EPSIME) - MS Visual Basic, Version 6

Load Dispatch Simulation & Economic Analysis (EPSIM) - MS FORTRAN Powerstation, Version 4. top

Program Authorship

Timothy Wyatt (1999 -) top

Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT4, 2000 and XP. top

Software Security

Hardware protection device ('dongle'). top

Simulation Time Step

Calendar month. top

Generalisation Level

Full. top

Input Data Editing

PWSC's TEXTEDIT or specified third party editor e.g. MS WORDPAD. top

Special Features

(i) Specific/optional consideration of transmission lines and losses, multiple demand areas, component dependencies, maximum and minimum monthly plant outputs;

(ii) Detailed modelling of Power Purchase Agreements and Transmission Carriage Tariffs in terms of (monthly) fixed, per MW and per GWh costs;

(iii) Load dispatch simulations, component scheduling and economic analysis conducted on a monthly basis;

(iv) Deterministic or probabilistic load dispatch simulation, with optional consideration of hydro plant, thermal plant and transmission line forced outages;

(v) Up to 5 hydrological conditions (hydro plant capacity and energy availabilities), and 8 load dispatch blocks (LP);

(vi) Recognition of differential demand area unserved energy costs and supply benefits (including exports), and hydrological condition related preventive rationing;

(vii) Explicit separation of investment and operating costs, supply benefits and penalties;

(viii) Fully annotated input and detailed output files together with comprehensive graphical presentation facilities.

(ix) 'Mimic Diagram' playback of system development and load dispatch results. top

Optimisation Methods Employed

Load Dispatch Simulation/Optimisation : Integrated Load Duration Curve method [Jacoby] or Linear Programming (LP)

Automated Expansion Plan Generation/Optimisation : Monte Carlo sampling or Complete Enumeration. top

Related PWSC Software

MODESDB - MODES System Database for hydropower plant, thermal plant, transmission line and demand data.

Hydro plant capabilities and/or time series derived operating costs can be obtained from SYSIM or AQUARIUS. top

Third Party Software Compatibility

Load duration curve demand data formats compatible with WASP III and ASPLAN generation system expansion planning software. top

Systems Applied To

Example hydro-thermal system with 5 hydro plants (1 existing), 6 thermal plants (1 import and 2 existing), 16 transmission lines (3 existing), 3 demand areas (1 export and 2 existing). top

Potential Applications

Integrated power system development planning. Economic evaluation of alternative IPP proposals. top

Further Developments

Automatic generation of input data files from MODES Database. top

Current Availability

Demonstration CD. (PWSC installation recommended). top

Indicative Prices

Simulation program £POA. Optimisation module £POA. MODES Database £POA. top

Associated Consultancy Services

Creation of client system database and input files, installation, model verification, user training and bespoke enhancements. top

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