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Victoria Dam (Sri Lanka)

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Integrated Expansion Planning for Optimising Hydropower Development

When optimising the expansion of power supply systems the economic objective is to minimise the total investment and operating costs over the planning period. However, due to the complexity of the problem, it has been customary to optimise generation additions and then design a complementary transmission system

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Planning Development of Ethiopia's Hydropower Resources

As part of the recently completed Ethiopia Power System Expansion Master Plan Study, the task of deriving an optimised generation expansion plan covering the next 25 years was complicated by : the requirement to consider some 44 existing and candidate hydropower plants and 40 associated storage reservoirs; cascade developments within eight separate river basins; pronounced seasonal variations in natural river inflows, and the historic occurrence of severe multi-year droughts; pronounced seasonal variations in the availabilities of other renewable forms of electricity generation, including wind, solar and biomass; high forecast growth rates of domestic electricity demand, and opportunities for the export of significant amounts of electrical energy to neighbouring countries

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Africa 2013 Paper by Mulatu, Msyani, Pearce & Wyatt

Simulating and Optimising the Operation of Integrated Water Resource and Electricity Supply Systems in Africa by Mulatu, Msyani, Pearce & Wyatt

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Reservoir Operation - The Case For Water Value Based Policies

Newsletter Of The British Hydrological Society - Circulation - No 94 - August 2007

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