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Power & Water Systems Consultants Ltd. : Computer Software Pricing : Effective from 1st June 2018

Computer Program AQUARIUS : Simulation & Optimisation of Water Supply and Power System Operation

Program Function



Licence (£)  

Water Resource & Supply System Modelling

5,000 Includes the modelling of :
  Reservoirs; River Reaches; River Abstractions; Flow Points;
    Water Demand Areas; Treatment Works; Pumping Stations;
    Supply Aqueducts;Transfer Aqueducts; Sewers; Junction Points;
    Flow and Time Dependent Licences; User Defined Constraints e.g.
    blending limits; Reservoir Control Rules, Water Value & Multiple Regime
    Operating Policies, Demand Management and Rationing Policies.

Electricity Supply System Modelling

5,000 Includes modelling of :
  Hydro Plants, Thermal Plants, Wind Plants, Pump Storage Units, Electricity Demand Areas, Transmission Lines & Nodes

Long Term Operating Policy Optimisation

2,000 Stochastic Policy Iteration Dynamic Programming

Yield Search (Deployable Output)

500 Search procedure to identify maximum water and/or electricity demands that could be met with defined levels of reliability

Simulation Options:



- Multi-year with daily, weekly or monthly time steps


1,500 Multi-model with up to 3 year operations planning horizon

Multi-Day Forecast Optimisation

5,000 Up to 7 day horizon using forecast inflows, wind speeds, component availabilities, water and electricity demands.

Expansion Planning Data Input

1,000 Generation of Program CAPRICORN input data files.

All Facilities :

20,000 1 month Evaluation Copy : £1,000 refundable against subsequent purchase.

Computer Program CAPRICORN : Simulation & Optimisation of Power System Development Plans

Program Function



Licence (£)  

Interactive Power System Definition and Economic Evaluation

10,000 Separate identification of existing and candidate hydro plants, non-hydro plants, demand centres and transmission lines, and project interdependencies

Linear Programming Expansion Plan Optimisation

15,000 Optimisation of hydro and non-hydro generation plant, transmission line and interconnection commissioning years, taking account of project dependencies, mutual exclusivities, earliest and latest commissioning dates, investment and salvage costs, maximum and minimum annual generation plant output constraints, operating costs under average and 'firm' energy conditions, transmission losses,  differential supply benefits and shortage penalties, sequential reservoir regulation. effects and budgetary constraints

All Facilities :

25,000 1 month Evaluation Copy : £1,000 refundable against subsequent purchase
[1] Per PC or Workstation & net of any VAT    
[2] Including Software Upgrades    
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